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Theory Section?

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It may be just me, but I have been noticing a new crop of members to the forum with different levels of experience; and in some cases they come asking, what to some of us are very very basic questions in how to make their rifles accurate. I for one have been a little embarrassed by some of our responses to these general questions, and how we as a community have responded to them. I can also see how these questions become repetitive, however, I can also see how our responses can hurt our membership and generally degrade our level of professionalism that we pride ourselves on.

As a possible remedy to this I would like to suggest the possibility of a general "Theory" section. Where we can discuss systems like the G-Hop and R-Hop and how they work. Where we can talk about theoretics and the principles of the art, and also have a series of general stickys in the section that we can direct people toward that explain some of the ideas without just directing them to Google or our broken search function.

In addition I could see a section like this becoming very beneficial to the general well being of the forum. I for one enjoyed the months following Becks' post about his home build and the discussion it inspired, and I would like to see that continue here.
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I'm going to agree with this, simply because I'm the main offender lol.

This is something, in my mind, that every forum needs, but none have.
Definitely should be done.
I think weh should make:
- make a hop up subsection, for everything to do with hop ups obviously - And put the r-hop and G-hop in here too.
One for the internals - i.e. Piston, spring guide, spring, trigger, cylinder etc.
Another for AEG's
One for common Q&A
A general one.
MAybe one for something else like quieting?
I'm down for it. I know I'm guilty of getting into some long-winded, theoretical debates.
If we make one, I would say one section and one section only. Don't want too many topics. I think one section would work just fine.
I'm glad that ya'll like this idea. I think it's been something that we've been lacking for a long time. Ideally I think a section like this would work best if we waved the necro posting rules for just this section, just to keep the integrity of running threads without having to hunt down 30 different threads on topics that will all be eventually the same. Also, if we had a mod willing to lock and sticky some of the more basic and explanatory threads that develop it would give us a place to direct new members that may or may not understand the theories behind airsoft (since they will probably be debated and argued for years to come). I know that for me, coming into the sport, it took a while to wrap my head around how much airsoft is different from real steel.
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