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Hey guys,

I ended up giving up on airsoft 6 months or so ago, but now im getting that bug again. I want to get back into the game and bad! But I want to start slow. I was initially looking at a bolt action rifle simply because of money. but the more I think about it, the more I would like to stay in DMR territory. I know that building a DMR is FAR from cheap, but a decent stock performer(Typical to slightly better than typical AEG) and even better upgraded is what Im looking for. I have started looking at SR-25 variants (Damn M110 from BF has given me the love for that gun) and I would like to stay in that model. I like some of the other rifles out there, but I want something unique and futuristic looking.

Ive narrowed down to two different rifles, the JG SR-25 and A&K SR-25. I know they are far from the best out there, but the price is right where I want to be (Around 250 with both the rifle and scope). My biggest concern is the gearbox. This will be the first gearbox Ive broken into, but Ive done a lot of research and feel comfortable with it. Im just unsure weather the V2 in the JG is better for upgrades or the elongated V2 in the A&K is better. I dont want to do anything REALLY drastic, just some basic upgrades to have the gearbox running smoothly and consistent. As well as switching to semi only.

So any help, options or opinions are welcome. Just be kind and remember that im a returning noob with some major stoke for the game.
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