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Thinking of replacing my L96 body with an AW-338

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I currently have the UTG shadow ops L96. I bought it summer of like 10' when I started getting more serious into sniping, and In the last few months I've started upgrading. I was looking at the snipers section of Evike and I stumbled upon the Matrix AW-338. The body is orgasmic, it has the functional mono pod, cheek rest, and folding stock. I would like to know if the parts I have for the PSS96 are compatible with the APS2 system of this Matrix.

I've bought:
-PSS96 Laylax Zero Trigger
-PSS96 Cylinder head
-PDI Hop-Up chamber for type 96
-Prometheus 650mm 6.03 tightbore
-Firefly Bucking (Hard)
-SCS Nub
-PSS96 Silencer adapter

I've looked at topics for this but I'm not entirely sure about about this L96 since it's new. Will my hop up fit in the fluted barrel of the Matrix AW-338, and will the PSS96 silencer adapter fit on the outer barrel? Will the trigger fit? I think the Cylinder head might be compatible, but again I'm not sure. Also will the PSS96 teflon cylinder fit on the Matrix?

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Is the well mb 08 compatible with the parts I already have?
I avoid buying really crucial parts from evike. I mean, the externals are gonna be pretty much the same but as far as upgrades go, I stick to Tokyo Model Company, and Airsoft Atlanta.
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