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"This is my rifle...

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This is my "Tool for the job" so to say

Just felt like posting it to see what you guys think since I'm a bit bored at the moment. I know it's not that special, but I'll post some pic's when I've got the paintjob done ;)

Edit: Don't know what to do about the images being that big :/ I'll just hope the mods don't kill me :-[
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Reminds me of something... The hider i mean (; But yea, one great looking rifle you got there! Harris style bipod would sit on that setup more than well c:
I have chosen not to go with a bipod, just because i don't think it's necessary. It's airsoft, and you dont need a bipod to hit something inside the effective range with your rifle. And my last bipod got stuck in everything, and also made the gun frontheavy. That's why i preffer something like a log or my arm if I must have something to lay my rile on :) But it would be nice looking, though XD
Looking good man.... What about some specs on her?

Love the bird cage flash hider as well.

Tasco 6-24x50 AOE scope with a 90mm NcStar sunshade.
The flash hider originally comes on a m4 CQB, which i stole from my bro.
As you see, everything else is stock.


Polar star piston
Laylax PSS10 6.03 barrel
G-spec hop-up
Laylax 130 spring.

I still have to get those custom sears machined, and then i will install the laylax 170 spring.

Feeding it with 0.40, which is a bit heavy for it.
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I am assuming that it is a bar10 or maybe a socom M700?

Either way looks nice man..... Hope she shoots well for you when she is done.
It's a VSR-10, yeah I think it will be good when i finally install the 170 spring:) Can't wait to get those sears madeXD
Let me know how those sears work. I am quite interested in making custom ones. Do you know what "tools" or machines are being used to make the sears? My friend has the access to stuff like that.
I don't know, hopefully I'll see when i get the time to go to the machineshop. Going to spain soon, so it might take some time :/
Theoretically you can create your own sensitivity on the sears if you get them custom made, assuming of course you've done your homework.
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