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Thought on a Remmington VTR? (308)

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Saw a VTR today at a gun shop, really like the rifle, even though it was in 223, Id like one in .308. Internet said it shoots good, just not Godly, which Im fine with. Anyone have one? Probably be used against deer and paper, with a middle of the road scope.
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I have shot one and just couldn't get over the look of that darn triangle barrel.

It really didn't shoot that well, but again I couldn't get over that barrel.
When using black hills ammo, as well as some custom loads it would shoot nice, but then you would get some really weird shots as well.

I would give it around a 5, as it would work most of the time. We did have a few problems with the extractor and what not as well, which I really don't like. But all in all I am not one for the triangle barrel.
The barrel was more of a gimmic than anything.

I would go with the SPS just as it is a tride and true build.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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