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Its been a while since I've updated on here. So here she is, hasn't changed much for about a year besides the annual spring and bucking replacement.

The night I got it. Early Spring. Bone Stock. 2006.

Followed up with A cheap bipod I had laying around and first set of internal upgrades. Summer 2006

First set of external upgrades including the Fluted barrel. Fall 2006

Disgusting fall paint from 2006, fiberglass coated body, fiber-glassed grip and cheek piece.

Winter 2006/2007 Hideous paint W/ Short barrel.

Spring 2007 Paint W/ short barrel

Summer 2007, Tan and Green repaint. Pre Left Hand Conversion. Custom butt plate added later in the summer. Second set of external upgrades, Suppressor, Sexy Medium Rise Scope Rail, Low Pro Bipod and QD Cheek Rest Screws

Late Fall/Winter/Spring 2007/2008. Dummy magazine, scrapped it since, Looked good though. Left Hand Conversion Later on.

Summer 2008 650mm Tightbore, hopup bucking and different paint scheme.

Late Fall/Winter 2008 Ft. Embeds M24, Same Scheme Team

Spring/Summer 2009 Not much done just some paint and added wrap here and there, still hooked on CQB at the time.

Fall 2009. Finally settled, Three and a half years later. Got some more magazines and rubber cheek piece, new paint for fall.

Maruzen Type 96 Traded A Systema Mechbox for it 100% Stock.
-About 10 Paintjobs on It
-Custom Left Handed
-PDI Fluted Barrel
-King Arms Suppressor & Adapter
-King Arms Low Profile Bipod
-Laylax QD Cheek Rest Screws
-Custom Figerglass coated body and fiberglass wrapped grip
-Custom Butt Plate
-PDI Medium Rise Scope Mount Rail

Mojji Killer Elite Pro Scope
Bought Winter 2004
-King Arms Sniper Scope Mounts
-Butler Creek Flip Up Cover

OK Cylinder set Running on three years old.
-Custom "Fly Cut" Aluminum Piston
-Silent Piston Head
-Laylax cylinder head W/ Custom Bore
-Lightweight Spring Guide W/ Custom Spring Tensioner
-King Arms Lightweight Trigger Unit
-Custom Enlarged Cylinder Block Bolt

PDI Hopup Chamber This is my second one due to a broken mag catch bolt
-Prometheus 650mm Tightbore
-Systema Hard Nubbin
-Gaurder Soft Bucking

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This was the short barrel with a regular Supressor.

Couple buddy photos over the years.

DeadPrez and I tareting. Late Summer 2007

Naked and Dirty Pictures


The only time she has ever broke down. Broken trigger housing, held up for almost a year @ 500FPS. Pretty good considering she came into my hands at a year or two old with one, maybe two owners before me.

And last but not least, my previous bolty. TM Gspec, bought Winter 2004. The rifle that got me hooked on Sniping. This is when digital cameras blew ass.

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Indeed, the pictures your talking about Zulu is paint, I just did some splashes of white on it and called it A day. I do have A picture where it is completely covered in dirt if you look through the second set again.

Thanks for the comments guys. Most of the other guns featured in my pictures belong to friends. The DMR M14 and M24 belong to Embed.

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Sorry for the confusion, I was referring to the picture Embed posted. There was so much crud on that gun I wasn't sure if it was a paint job or not ;) Actually, I think the three of us have been talking about different photos. Referring to the one Embed posted

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Hah, yeah its dried mud from a 24hr game OP:Starlite. Honestly though, if you look close enough at A lot of the pictures, you will see dirt on the scope mounts and Bipod, one of the benefits to having A springer.

I only clean my scope lenses really, simply paint over the little dirty parts, I use textured paint anyways.
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