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Tigerstripe M14

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Well the rest of the team are off playing and having fun the other side of the country today :( and as I'm still not allowed to play because of my knee op not long ago
:(" title=":mad:" border="0"/> I deceided to do something constructive with my time, the wife didn't seem to have the same veiws tho ;) .

So i did this to pass the time,

All done with a 1/2" flat model paint brush and acrylic based modeling paints( from Tamiya). Took about 3 hours to do all in, I have just sprayed it with clear sealer to give it some durability when out on the field.

When all is dry I plan to put a suppressor on and guilli her up to, I will post up pics of the later stages as and when they occur, i.e. when i can get permission from she who must be obeyed ;)
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That is THE coolest paint job on an M14 that I have ever seen! Nice Job.

May I recommend this silencer, that came up on a different thread.
That DOES look slick. Good job!

Why didn't you paint up the barrel?
That really does look amazing, I might try a similar paintjob soon here on my rifle.
Updated pic for you all

As you can see shes already got a suppressor, its a modded QD off my old M4 :)

No need to paint her barrel as i plan to ghuili her up very soon ;)
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Quite possibly the most butchered way of spelling Ghillie. I think so.

However, quite possibly the sexiest M14 paintjob, I know so.
Hats off to you for the best tigerstripe job iv'e seen.
Why thank you gentlemen
pics will be posted when the guilli, ghuili, guilie, ghillie, how ever the f*** its spelt (spelling was never my strong point at school, and 25 years down the line it still shows) :-[ :-/ is done ;)
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Two words: HOLY SH****!!! That paint job is out of this universe!
Grade A+ stuff!
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That looks really good, the paint in the first picture looks like it could be used for Fall, the second Spring and the last Summer.

The scope fits it well.

Guilli now done ;)

Full spec. is :

G&G M14
G&G upgraded and lightened piston and bearing head
G&G upgraded cylinder head (matches piston head in shape)
Systema steel gears modified to give a short stroke piston
Guarder 70% hop rubber with home made V nub, fully teflon taped
Madbull version 2 6.03 barrel
M4 QD silencer, body and butt stock all filled with foam
140 round modified hi-cap
3-9x40 iluminated mil-dot scope
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..Damn, you UK boys can make a Yankee jealous.
Very nice rag, I don't think I've seen anyone do better with the camouflaging of their rifle, nice work!
that is great..... i know i am new on the board but i have been lurking for a while on a few other forums...

I just ordered a G&G M14..... and wow ... that gives me some great ideas. And you did all of that with a brush?!?! wow

I can't wait to get back from Iraq and start playing again
wow looks great. Paint job looks great, rifle rag looks good. What i do is leave rubber bands around the barrel, and scope, allowing you to add natural veg. easily, and fast.
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