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Tightbore Barrel/Barrel length Help

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Hi, I own a Double-Eagle M57 L96, which seems to be a clone or very similar to the Well l96, which again is a copy of the UTG MK96.

(Source -

Anyway I am beginning to upgrade my gun and am planning on starting with a tightbore barrel, then a new hop up unit (PDI most likely), and then sorting out the barrel spacers. I am just having trouble deciding on which barrel to buy. Apparently a tightbore barrel is a must and I have been reccomended a "Prometheus 6.03" barrel many times. The only problem i have is that the size of any tightbore barrel, Prometheus or not, is very rarely the same length as the current stock barrel i have, which is 495mm (according to my measurements). I am just wondering whether a shorter barrel is compatible or what specifically would be best to get for a barrel upgrade.

Any advice or information is much appreciated.
Thanks very much
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You could always go longer and add a suppressor to the end of the barrel?
From what I have seen tightbores are slightly over rated. Read up on polishing and waxing your inner barrel. I have had great results in terms of accuracy.
Tightbores just help increase FPS.
Yeah, if you can't find the length the size of your gun, go with a silencer adapter + a silencer. Unless you're willing to buy your barrel and then hacksaw/cut it down to your needed size. If you need an adapter, I have an APS2 one available, not sure what system your gun follows though.
Everyone suggested getting a longer barrel and a barrel extension but why not get a shorter barrel? You save money and when going down in barrel size a few mm doesn't really make a difference.
Check the post I made in your other thread before reading this one.

If you don't have a V.1/V.2 L96, then you won't be able to do any of the upgrades anyways. But, if you do have one of those versions, then read on.

Shorter barrels aren't good because there are always some problems with the bb exiting the muzzle, unless you're willing to ream the muzzle wider. Plus, longer barrels give an fps boost and increases range.

There are many people who like Prometheus barrels due to the 6.03 diameter, while I and also many others like 6.01 barrels. If you MUST get a 6.03, then the M16's length is the ONLY option you can go for. That means you must find a way to cover up the little bit of extra barrel sticking out, as mentioned before.

However, 6.01's are, in my opinion, better than 6.03's. The argument between 6.01's and 6.03's is a very theoretical one, and as of now, there isn't a definitive answer. If you decide that you want a 6.01, your choice in barrels is now MUCH more expanded.

There are several 6.01's out there that will work for the PDI hop up chamber (which is an AEG cut barrel).
The BEST inner barrel in the entire world is this one:
If that's out of your price range, there is a second one. Same company, different metal (the only one I can find in stock anywhere, so it's overseas):

Lastly, if neither of those sound appealing to you, Dwayne Dees can custom make you an inner barrel.
Dees is basically an airsoft legend when it comes to inner barrels. He makes arguably the best brass inner barrel out there, and once they break in, they're unstoppable. Just shoot him an email and ask him. I don't quite know if he'll do 6.03's, but I know he does 6.01's. Just specify that you want a 495 mm inner barrel with an AEG cut, and he'll cut you one. I think it'll be about $60-80.
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A difficult one. I would go for polishing the barrel and doing the other upgrades and seeing if you are happy.

Some people now are saying 6.08 is the best. LRB is the best. R hop is the best.

I would go with the cheapest option - polishing your barrel and see how it improves things. But what other upgrades are you planning?
I am planning on upgrading my hop up unit to a good standard and buying/making some good barrel spacers as i currently have only one solid plastic spacer. The barrel is a priority of course as i cannot upgrade either the hop up or the spacers until i find the right barrel. Does a 6.01 barrel require much more maintenance than a 6.03, otherwise i am looking for the best performance for a not too extravagant price (>120 dollars).
Would this be a good choice for a barrel? It's a RAVEN PDI 6.01mm+ Tightbore Barrel Type 96 495mm, It is the right length and being a PDI it would work with the PDI hop up i am planning on buying, also it is not extravagantly expensive. Although I could afford to buy the PDI Type 96 6.01 Tight Bore Barrel 495mm mentioned as "The best inner barrel in the world" earlier on, i am wondering whether it is a necessary investment.

More Expensive -

Less Expensive -

Thanks again
Have you tested a shorter barrel and a longer barrel, as well as the barrel diameter?

Some of us here on the site have done just that, thus is why many of us will try and stear people to a 6.03-6.05 inner barrel, as well as shorter. I have had a few rifles that had barrels under 300 mm's and they shot much better than the longer barrels that I have had.

I have tested from short to long, and tight to wide, and have found more times than not that your hop up will have more affect on the flight of the bb rather than the barrel. As long as you have a consistant inner bore it really doesn't matter how long your barrel is....BUT... there is a point of diminishing returns. To long of a barrel and you will start to loose velocity ( but again velocity isn't everything in this sport )
I am getting a 495mm or as close as i can to 495mm purely because the stock barrel that comes with the gun is 459mm and fits perfectly into the outer barrel, getting a longer barrel would require me to get an adaptor, suppressor / remove orange tip etc. A smaller barrel would possible be affected the the remaining length of the outer barrel unless i replace it.

My main question now is whether i should get a 6.01 barrel or a 6.03, can anyone realistically advise me on this, i am focusing on being more accurate at longer ranges with my sniper.
I would advise you towards the 6.03 or 6.04 sizes. You could honestly keep the stock barrel and just polish it. And use the money from a nee barrel on some hop mods.
Can anyone recommend a very good 6.03 barrel and hop up that would be compatible with each other and with my gun. I can afford upwards of $140 for both. (+link is possible)
Get the pdi hop chamber or do the tdc mod to the one you have.

If you absolutely want to get a new barrel look at madbull v2. Though the barrel is honestly the last thing you should get, because you can get better outcomes with other mods.
Well, the only thing is that if he ends up getting a PDI chamber, he'll have to get a new inner barrel regardless (if you're wondering why, I'm about to answer in your 3rd thread)

And yes, if you want to take the 6.03 path, Madbull is a good choice, as well as Prometheus, but the only problem is that the only barrel choices you have are either too long or too short.
Wouldn't have to ....that is what a dremmel is for;-)
I always just assume that people would rather buy things... LOL. And because OP said he doesn't know too much about internals.

But yes, Dremel is a viable option as well!
No it's not. If you dremel a barrel nothing will come of it but trouble. You really have to cut it down on a lathe - that's the only reliable way to do it.
Well, the only thing that needs to be done to make an inner barrel compatible with a PDI chamber is to get those 2 indents on the left and right sides of the inner barrel, which is what the PDI chamber uses to keep hold of the inner barrel.

I don't know too much about lathes, but I do know that it spins whatever it is that needs to be cut, so flat indents can't be cut on a lathe... right?
You have to mill the flat bits. Again, dremel is a bad idea.

I was talking about cutting the barrel down to size, BTW.
Oh okay. Well I'm not knowledgeable about any of that stuff, nor do I have access to things like that. I assume most people don't, which is why I just say to buy stuff lol.
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