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My name is Dennis aka Rebull 21 years young, And I'm from The Netherlands.

After a long time just looking and reading around on the forum, I finally pushed myself to make an introduction post.

My main replica is a JG vsr-10 with almost all PDI upgrades ( except the hop up that is the AA chamber with maple leaf rubber and promy flat nub )
for some pics go take a look at the Gallery topic Page 36.

As side arm I got the KJW p226, but I'm going to get the TM mk23.

I'm a co-owner of Milsimsport, Which is a starting airsoft organisation in the Netherlands with currently 1 field. So I got plenty of space to play/test my baby.

If you got any other questions SHOOT! :tup:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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