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Name: Zach

Callsign: Chaffin

I have been playing airsoft for about 2-3 years now, had a bunch of different guns, trying to find a good role and gun for me, but currently I have a M16 DMR, and a TM mp5k PDW.

I currently have a set of woodland camo, and desert camo. I also have a CB RRV. That is my camo and gear.

Other hobbies:.....What other hobbies, airsoft is my life. *Laughs to himself

Currently I reside in Arkansas, but in July 2010, I will move to the Battle Creek, Michigan area.

I wrote a very long and in-depth "Life in Airsoft" on the MIA forum linked and quoted below.

Chaffin said:
Hey Barrett you forgot about that spring shotgun you had before your M3L. We thought those things were so cool. LOL. Remembering back then make me laugh.

And now for my history.....

Gun History

My airsoft "hobby" too started when I was 11. After seeing Barrett's Double Eagle m83, and playing in his backyard with it, I realized I just had to have something. So, I went out to Dunham's and bought a single shot spring shotgun. And a spring Desert Eagle. I think they both were crossman.

When Barrett showed me MIA, I realized how big and complex airsoft was, and I realized I needed a better gun. I later bought a KJW USP, and for Christmas of 08' I received a JG AK-47.

I traded the USP to Barrett for his MP5k. I later sold both the MP5k and the AK-47 to buy a CA m15 a4 carbine. After a while of debate and money to try to get it to work properly, I decided to sell it. This was just last fall. Now, as side arms go, I have had quite a few to find the right one. I am sure many of you know this. I have owned (not in order) a KJW USP, a KJW 1911, a KSC m9, and what I thought would be my final side arm, a KWA/KSC G18c. I later sold that to buy something else that you will read about in the next paragraph.

That brings us to today. Today I own a DMR rifle that I bought from Koko Krisp just last month some time. I also just purchased a mp5k from emuguy1849. That will be here within the week. That pretty much sums it up for my guns, read on for my gear.


After starting airsoft, and getting my JG AK-47, I realized that I needed something to carry my extra mags in. I went out to the endless knowledge of the internet, and here on MIA, I found a crossdraw vest (it had the pouches sown in place, so as you can probably guess, it didn't take long before I ran into problems.) I then went to Joes army navy supply store, and picked me up a pair of woodland BDU's that I still own and wear today.

After realizing that my crossdraw vest wasn't going to work, I got rid of it and purchased an OD UTG PC. I had that for up-wards of a year and then decided I was going to buy a DMR or something like that and I found an RRV that fits my taste. I recently got that in the last 6 months and I plan on keeping it for quite a while.

I guess that is it. In all, airsoft has been a great experience for me, and I am planning on staying in the sport for a very long time.
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