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TK AEG - Anyone Got Any Experience?

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What the title says, I want my spotter to see this, and listen to me...
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An AEG with a Tanio Koba Twist barrel installed, that shoots at under 330 fps with whatever gram bb that is being used. Sorry - that may not have been very clear.
Nothing, just if anyone has any personal experience with it in a DMR.
But with that, you have to upgrade other parts, and that will cost a lot more. Also, having a lower FPS setting will make it so that you have essentially no MED. Also, it is good for people with unusually low FPS limits.

I have one in my bolty, I am just wondering if anyone has one in their AEG.
No, that is the point! Mine shoots at 360 ish with a .2, and because I use .32s, it all works! The issue with higher velocities is that the bb exits before the air has time to build in the barrel. With heavier bbs, a higher velocity is okay, and still does work!

Still though, does anyone have one?
No, no, no. I already have one in my BASR. I know they are excellent. However, I don't know anything tangible about AEG performance, especially ones that have been heavily upgraded.

I would put one in, but I don't want an AEG, and I don't have one.

Never mind, if no one has one, that is fine. No problems there.
I know, I meant in a dedicated marksman rifle.

I have read up on them, but research only goes so far, and I was wondering if anyone actually had one that they could post up about.
1 - 7 of 14 Posts
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