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TK AEG - Anyone Got Any Experience?

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What the title says, I want my spotter to see this, and listen to me...
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They do but they are very hard to come by in the states.

What exactly are you trying to understand about Tanio Koba Barrels?
What you have already posted is pretty much correct.

I use one in my TM AK Beta (Chronos @ 310fps w/ .25g - 1.11j ) but I run .28g in it.
I get 150-170ft accurate with it.
I have already told you I use one in my AK Beta.
I tried one in my Bolt Action but the performance was far from exceptional.

The TK barrel works fantastically in a very narrow energy output (ie.. .98j - 1.2j with a Sphere style BB)

Anything greater than 1.2j and the Rifling effect is transferred to the BB spin negating the Hop-up..
but you could maximize the rifling effect if you use a pellet like the RAP4 Airfin. The down side is you have to hand load each shot.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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