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TKT Barrel With HS's Asymmetrical BBs

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We have all heard of the TK twist barrel. We know it doesn't actually put a side spin on the bbs, but somply directs the air sround it to cushion the bb. I am wondering if we can use this rifling to do what rifling is meant to to; put a side spin on the bullet. Hunterseeker5 came out with his asymmetrical bbs and the TK twist version of them. Could we use this rifling to give a side spin to these rounds or do the curves fins on the rounds already do this? If we glued two bbs together and used the TKT the barrel's rifling, could we create a bb bullet?
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I am assuming that the TK version of HSA asymmetrical BBs are shaped and sized in comply with the fins inside the barrel..because otherwise you would have little benefit from the twist itself.

Giving the above for granted I think it would be an awesome thing to test and compare against regular BBs with hop up, on the same platform.

Glueing two BBs together no, I don't think that would create anything beneficial ;)
It would keep it from rolling in the barrel so we can give it the side spin without worrying about it rolling any way we don't want it to
I don't see why not. The only problem I would see would the bbs sitting in the bottom and not spinning as much. You would need a very close fit. I don't think they would have the range because we couldn't hop them.I could see this working. The guns that would use these bb bullets would have probaly be snipers. We would not need them to weight as much as our hard hitting 36g+ bbs, but they might be more expensive. Hey we might get someone who could make some great idea make something like hop up...

The guns would require modification for your guns but all in all it could work.
It would keep it from rolling in the barrel so we can give it the side spin without worrying about it rolling any way we don't want it to
Mmh I see what you both entering the fins one after the other (with the first one being "one fin ahead" in the groove..)

The contact point would be so small you need some serious glue to hold the blast from the gas blast from the nozzle (notice how electric stuff does not enter my airsoft mindspace ;)).

EDIT: Loading them one by one is going to be a pain, unless HSA designs a BB holder for my Tanaka magazine, to act as a replacement for the rail that holds the BBs in place (the one you load the BBs in). If he does that, I am a buyer, tester, sinner, smoker, midnight toker.
I could probably rig my own mag for asymmetrical bbs. I can't see it being too hard. Just give it the design of a real gun mag. As for gluing the bbs together, It could be on a larger surface area as long as the glued area doesn't touch the barrel. And yes, it would require a lot of modding but itsn't that what this is all about? I'm not talking about a small mod here. This is changing the gun from the traditional hopup to a completely different system.
The entire idea of a twisted barrel and asymmetrical BBs is the base for more accurate airsoft rifle, that is for sure. One thing I would also add is a 5mm BB instead of a 6mm one..which has already been discussed over at ASM.

It would be a godsend for snipers, once done..or at least a great fun thing to develop and test ;)
Yea I would give it a try... But what would replace hop up?
It's easy, you can just tilt the barrel up and run very high power...
Do they have any results or data on asymmetrical BB performance?
:ashamed: Cheese, I feel stupid, I sat there for 10 minutes thinking and I had no ideas... But could we get the fins into the rifling?
If the fins are smaller (slightly) than the BB diameter, they should pretty much fly untouched by the barrel and therefore cause no deviation (they won't impact the barrel and cause friction/change in momentum).

Plus if they are somewhat desined in a "second sphere" behind the "first sphere" (the actual BB), they would be turning and fitting in the twist rail that is right before the BB (the one the BB just passed)

If the rifling is very narrow, then it won't matter much..I guess the fins being slightly smaller than the BB will help avoiding unnecessary contact with the inside of the barrel.

Alternatively, one could just design an asymmetrical BB that looks like ... something we all know very well ;)

Remember that:
1) smaller than 6mm
2) bullet-shape
3) high power to compensate the lack of hop up

is getting us near to the good old concept of "offensive weapon" ;) Meaning all these lead inevitably to possibly more harmful devices.
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@Apple- We don't need the fins in the rifling because they are curved already and will naturally make the bb rotate in the air when it is shot.

@Reezo- While yes, we are moving closer and closer to real steel territory, have they not proven to be very accurate? We are also determined to make sure it is used for airsoft, not weaponry. We are using the same concepts as guns, but not for the same purpose. That is what airsoft was designed for. Simulating combat without injuries.
MJ yes, I was just putting some disclaimer to keep the forum legit, lol..but as long as we hit someone at the same airsoft-related velocities..I don't think a BB from a plastic conic bullet are going to matter much..
Are you guys gonna try and design your own round or go off of HS5's bbs
Are you guys gonna try and design your own round or go off of HS5's bbs
Having no machinery I have no way of manufacturing things like these..but I a definitely a buyer eheh
HS5 sell his bbs, EDI1st tested them with his SR-25, he hand feed them in the barrel!
I had a long discussion with HS5 and the blade bbs for my Asahi M40, but unfortunately the shells can only accommodate regular bbs and the Asahi Blade Bullets!

Also the upgraded barrel in my M40 is rifled..

But the rifling is strait not like the TK or RS style!
And the Asahi M40 is capable to fire over 1000fps with the upgraded (Hard) shells!

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Awesome. I don't know how effective rifling can be for spherical projectiles but it would definitely help accuracy for conical ones. On the other hand you can no longer use hop up and that is why one would need to ramp the power output up.

We need 5.56 conical BBs and compatible rifled inner barrels. Sometimes I think I.should put money on the table and buy me a manufacturer lol
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