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Hey guys. I am having an issue with the TM 1911A1 I just picked up. When you take off the slide there, there are some plastic parts in the back that the gas goes through from the magazine and then down the barrel. I am not sure of all the part names on gas pistols so bare with me :-/ When I was applying lube throughout the pistol I pulled the plastic cylinder/nozzle forward on the tube it slides on; I came to a rubber piece/O-ring type thing and put some lube on it as well. Now the problem I am having is when I fire the gun, occasionally that nozzle piece will stay forward and jam the gun rather then having the little spring bring it back to its original position(is this mechanism there for gas efficiency?) Anyways, I realized that the rubber piece that I put some silicon oil on has now expanded resulting in the sticking of that nozzle piece. How can I fix this? (could it have to do with the cold temperatures in Colorado right now? I can't get any pictures at the moment, but hopefully someone understood my rambling. Thanks guys!
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