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Well guys I have the chance to buy an extremely nice air rifle that I have been looking at for quite awhile, a VERY nice FWB 602 with original parts for $950. So in order for me to purchase the rifle, but in order to do so I am needing to sell one of the two rifles that I have right now.

The other rifle is my WE M4

WE M4, closed bolt model $400.00
Closed bolt mags $40.00
9 total mags $360.00
RA tech steel CNC trigger set $95.00
Falcon VS-Z hop up barrel combo $85.00
Replacement selector switch $6.00
Element Ergo pistol grip $20.00
AIM Ambi sling adapter $12.00
Element Quick detach Suppressor $45.00
RA Tech NPAS system $45.00
Vector optics short scope $130.00
MagPul MOE mid-length hand guards $40.00

Total $1238.00
Sell $1000.00

Again this doesn't account for the time and effort that I have put into this rifle, as well as the shipping costs to get my hands on a few of these parts.

The only thing wrong with the rifle at this point is one mag is needed a new feed lip, but that can be bought on evike for $6 or so.

The TM L96 I purchased at the beginning of summer, and it has seen maybe 5 games or so. It has been babied, and has never been abused at all. There has maybe been around 100 rounds through it in total.

The WE M4 I received from another player that didn't like the GBB. I received the rifle in great condition with only a few mag through her. I did the upgrades to make it to the point where I am happy with it. With the internals replaced with steel parts, it shouldn't need anything else inside. The rifle shoots great, and is honestly a pleasure to shoot as well as see the looks on other players face when you pull the trigger.

I am willing to help people out with the cost of shipping if needed, but would like to get most of that in the price of the rifle, so that I can use that money to purchase the air rifle right out.

If there are any questions, feel free to ask.... but please no low ball offers. I do have some funds saved up from my bday, as well as a few other occasions, but nothing near what I am needing. I would like to get rid of the WE M4 first, and the TM L96 last. But if worse comes to worst I can go the TM first.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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