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TM L96 AWS Help

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Just got this rifle. And it looks and feels great.

But I have a couple issues.

The gun came with this exact setup:
Laylax Z-Trigger
PDI Raven Cylinder w/ head
PDI Piston
PDI 130% spring
Some spring guide (Modded)
Now, It's sometime getting locked in the back position... Why is this?
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You are sure that the trigger is for the L96?

If so I would look at the spring guide, as well as your feed finger. If that finger is chewed up it could be getting stuck on the feed ramp.

Will you get the problem with the mag in or out of the rifle? If you only get it when the mag is in, you may have a problem with the mag itself.
Had this issue with my rifle, ended up being due to the Z-trig not playing nice with the PDI spring guide. Stuck the stock spring guide back in and no problems since. I would make sure to get a laylax spring guide or use the stock one for the time being, as this could solve the problem.
Will the Laylax Spring Guide play nice with PDI parts?
Fixed. Sorry for the double.

Spring Guide Stopper moved out of place, fixed it with some foam in the stock. :)
Where did you put the foam?

Pics would be great, as it could help someone else out.
If anyone has any experience with this rifle, would you suggest sticking with the stock TM-Hop or going with a different one?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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