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TM L96 AWS upgraded

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Looking at this - Marui L96AWS (500fps .2g) Custom Upgraded Spring Sniper Rifle (Black Stock)

Heres the important part of the description -

Marui L96AWS (500fps .2g) Custom Upgraded Spring Sniper Rifle (Black Stock)

(500fps 2g) (360fps .36g) upgraded rifle using the following high quality japanese parts:

Guarder SFW Steel Trigger Sear.

PDI 13mm Outer Diameter spring.

PDI VSR-10 & L96 Piston Sear (2nd Sear)

PDI VSR-10 & L96 Karubane Trigger & Sear Springs.

PDI Marui L96 HD Precision Cylinder Set. (Cylinder, Cylinder Head, Piston, Spring Guide)

LayLax(FIRST) 6.03mm (555mm) PSS10 Inner Barrel for VSR-10 / L96.

So my question is, could this (in thoery) reach out and smooch someone at about 80-90 Meters? Not all the time of course, but is it within the realm of probability?
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Yes it is possible, but you will spend more compared to a traditional bolty such as VSR, both in time and labor. The barrel is also too long I would say.

If you like the look of L96, I would heavily suggest you to go for Novritsch SSG96 instead. But if you like the look and the real mag position, then I cannot argue anymore.

I knew someone in my place who has upgraded TM AWS and it reach out to 70-80m pretty reliably, but no more than that.
Aws system suffers from small cylinder volume and feeding jams because of the mag style, it's not great for a platform.

For that money you could get a much better option such as

A srs or tac
Multitude of other good options.
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