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Hi guys thought I would just post up my review on the Tokyo Marui L96 AWS bolt action rifle.

The Gun

First impression was anything you would expect from Tokyo Marui and is the only reason I carry TM pistols, Quality and Performance. The L96 is very deceiving at first it looks really light until you pick it up that is. This rifle has a very hefty weight to it, And weighs more than my full metal SPR then after you add the bi pod and scope it could be very tiresome for some. This rifle screams quality no creaks in the stock, barrel or receiver. The only bad thing was the small piece of metal that the front sling mount is screwed to was broken on mine, which possibly may have been knocked during delivery. So I removed the front sling mount on mine which doesn't bother me the slightest.

I had ordered an extra two mags with mine which are 40rds each and a bi pod that I wasn't to happy with so I borrow the Harris off of my SPR when I'm using it. The mags are a bit of a pain to load and you have to do so by hand, I couldn't get the speed loader to cooperate with them and was easier to do by hand but causes a lot of pain for your thumbs as it gets quite hard to push 40rds in. I also ordered a King Arms thread adapter which is the TM VSR adapter and it fixes straight onto the L96.


I got the L96 just before Christmas and had a game on the 28th so had a perfect opportunity to test the performance.
That afternoon after the first games using another new gun the G&G G2010, I attached my scope and bi pod and headed out during lunch to quickly sight in the rifle before the next game. The L96 is running stock around 280-300 feet per second (using .20g bb's) and I was using .25g bb's. So after setting up the bi pod on some tires to keep it as stable as possible and quickly realizing that the games were about to begin did my best to scope in the rifle as quickly as possible. It wasn't perfect but the easily adjustable hop up made it very easy to zero in.

The hop up on this rifle is excellent even though its low powered I was reaching some of the distances that some of the fellow snipers were reaching using hi powered set ups. Had an excellent half day shooting with this rifle and at one point had five enemy walk past me within 3-4 meters not noticing me at all, it was only when one guy 10 minutes later saw the rifle (not camouflaged) because its so big that ended up in me getting sprayed but I did manage take out one guy due to me having my 5-7 handy. End game and I loved every minute of using this rifle, after much searching on the Internet though not many upgrade parts are available and if you are wanting a rifle to be easily upgradeable then I would say maybe go with the VSR series but to be quite honest this rifle doesn't need it.

Pro's & Con's

Excellent quality
Excellent performance (even at low power)
Spare mags are cheap
Very comfortable to hold and use
Due to its low power doesn't need a minimum engagement distance

Not many upgrade options available

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing about it.

Happy hunting,



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Not many upgrade options available
Isn't there a good amount of upgrades available for this rifle? I believe airsoft atlanta has a pretty good supply of parts for it, but its been awhile since I checked.

I could be wrong though.

Overall, nice job. Would be nice to get some shooting test results, and more pictures! Possibly a take down (dissembly) guide?

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Airsoft Atlanta does seem to have a plethora of parts for the L96 AWS. I simply typed "AWS" in the search box and came up with many items and found some other stuff in their Sniper Rifle Parts section too. The more I read about this specific platform, the more I lean toward it. I would be interested in learning how the magazine feeds being located in it's proper RW location?

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I'm interested in this gun's ability to have the magazine in the actual position on the real rifle. Could you please try to take some pics of the internals (like woogie said), or explain how it works? It has facinated me for quite some time


Beautiful rifle.
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