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Well I just upgraded my friends TM l96 and what I can tell is that I don't like the mag system what is in the TM l96. It's like a gigantic dirt collector.

Cheap and reliable don't go together good. The trigger unite is made out of Pot metal or something cheap low-melting metal. I would replace the whole unite, like I did on my friends L96. I heard from a Japanese parts seller that the PDI and first factory parts don't mix together. So I went with full PDI. Just buy the PDI cylinder kit and the trigger unit. You may have to make some minor sanding to the L96 bolt frame that the new cylinder can fit in. Right now I'm worried for the cocking leaver.

Any type of vsr-10 spring will work, but you have to cut it down. I take out about 4cm out of the spring. It's your choice to buy either 9mm or a 7mm spring depending on the spring guide you bought.

I don't think you need a new hoppup bucking, but you may need a new hopup bucking "presser" or the little rubber part that is between the hopup arm and the bucking. I found out that the gun didn't give you enough curve when the hopup was maxed out, but it may be unique problem for this gun.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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