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TM L96 upgrades

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Well I went over to the post office today after work to pick up my package. And upon opening the package everything was well wrapped up and packaged very well.

When looking at the parts they all seem to be of very high quality and look like they are going to be able to stand up for quite a bit of use.

Looking at the trigger......
The unit really looks like a clone of the Zero trigger. Everything is built with nice materials, and everything is nice and tight and works the way it should.

Looking at the cylinder insides.....
The piston looks to be a small maruzen cup style piston head, along with a stubby little piston. To be honest it really looks kind of goofy, but it does work very well.

The spring guide looks to be around 9mm in size. It is a one piece guide with a built in roller bearing attached to keep the spring working nice.

The spring itself appears to be of the same quality as the rest of the kit. Not much to say about the spring, other than it is a nice looking spring.

The cylinder head is a tapered type, as well as having two o-rings. One at the top of the cylinder head, as well as one on the bottom.

All in all I am very impressed with the kit, especially considering the price. The company was stating the kit is putting out 500 fps, but with the smaller barrel installed I was getting a very constant 440 fps.

The process of placing the order and getting the parts, did take a little bit of time but all things considered it was worth it. From the time I placed the order to when I received the package was 2 weeks. But considering the parts came from Taiwan, that isn't to bad.

The customer service is something else as well. For being on the other side of the world from me, they always made sure to reply to my emails and offered to help if the package was stuck in customs or anything like that.

All in all........ if you have a TM L96 and you are looking for some upgrades, I strongly suggest you go with the guys over at TNT sniper shop!
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I got the kit over on

It is the Laylax short barrel kit, that was around $150 if I am thinking right. And I have pics in the gallery section, under the thread " family finished"

Sorry wrong parts

I don't have pics of them as they are in my rifle right now. And to get to them I have to take the entire rifle apart. But you can do a google search for TNT sniper shop, and find the parts on their website.

They are very nice, and great to deal with. You have to email them saying that you are wanting them shipped to the US, and they will email you back telling you what needs to be done. Now it does take some time to get here, but it is well worth the wait.
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Go to google and type in 29,500 yen to dollars, or what ever your currency is.

For me I think it was around $230 for the entire set up, and that included shipping.
The symbol should look like a little Y with two lines on the lower leg.

Though being in the US you will have to request a quote. They will email you back and let you know the price and all of the paypal info.
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