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TM M14

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I was just wondering if anyone here has had any experience with TM M14's. I would like to get one. I've heard people say they get quite a bit of range for an AEG. Just wondering if that is true.

Thanks in Advance
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Tex has one, it shoots 60 yards effectively. Which is impressive for what little was done to it.

Gearbox work is a pain, as it is a V7, which is hard to come by mechanics that know what they're doing on that (Again, Tex is one of those that does). But a finely tuned one will get the performance of the above listed. Amazingly the feel of the rifle is pretty good, unlike most TM's which are plastic, these ones have a nice material addition to them, which makes them a bit better in that aspect as well.

You'll need to dump around $400-$500 to get her shooting how you want as well as looking how you'd like (Bipod's, Scopes, Silencers, anything to improve looks I guess). But they are decent rifles over all.

Pretty much anything can be converted into a weapon with mean range, you just gotta know how to do it and what you're doing.
I run mine bone stock, So far I am very pleased with it over the last two years, never a problem with it. It may be time to upgraded it now as I am not pleased with the range when I go up against upgraded AEGs but against the average stock gun it is better in accuracy and range. Keep in mind that I was usually running as a sniper spotter (running as protection for a BA sniper) or a DM for a squad. I play with some guys that have upgraded their TM M14s, making them even better in single shot performance however most of them give up full auto capability.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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