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TM M40a5 vs VFC M40a5 vs ares mcm700

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Hi, as the tittle says i am wanting to get mi hands on a m40a5 style platform and wanted to see if someone could help me out.
First of all te cons and doubts of each rifle.
Tokio marui m40a5 as we all know has short stroke. Well mi doubts are if i could use 0,43 eficently and if the hop unit is any good.
Next the vfc m40a5. A lot of people claim its very consistent after the wearinn. Just wanted ti know where i can find the 28bb magazines because the only thing i dont like and what barrel should i use for best eficency because i think that 590mm is a lot a least for mi knowleage on vsr platforms.
And for the ares mcm700 is it worth it if you goong to upgrade it heavily?
Is the stock unit any good?
Wich one could i get to shoot most accuarately with correct upgrading?
Thanks beforehand.
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I dislike the TM M40A5 due to the reasons you listed. Volume is too small. That being said, it has a really nice and smooth bolt pull, and the hop up chamber is very well done, albeit rather complicated. It also uses a feed tube instead of a feed fin, which is a plus in my books. Feed fins are ew, no matter how good they are. Mancraft makes a hpa unit for this thing which solves all the voluming issues if you don't mind hpa/co2.

The VFC M40A5, I do not have very much experience with it. I hear good things about it, if you're talking about the gas version.

The only thing I have extensive experience with from your list is the Ares MCM700, so I'll keep most of my comments focused on this gun. It's okay, but I feel like it's overpriced for what you are paying for. The hop up unit is plastic, though it is TDC. VSR compatible rubber, barrel, and bolt. Proprietary trigger unit/sears. Most units these days are version 2 units that have a 90 degree aluminium sear, which holds up alright, but I wouldn't do higher than a 500 fps spring. Bolt pull is choppy and feels like the cylinder grinds against the sears (because it does). The cylinder also has terrible compression. You can upgrade the gun with springer's mcm700 trigger and swap out the stock cylinder for a vsr-spec cylinder, but this gun leaves a lot to be desired in its stock form. With upgrades, it can perform like any other vsr, but the plastic hop chamber worries me in the long term. Mancraft also makes a hpa unit for this gun, so that's also an option.
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I wouldn't consider the TM a valid option for a regular sniper power build (500-550 FPS) due to the small cylinder.

The VFC is hands down my favorite BASR, really good quality and only needs some wear in and a Maple Leaf Autobot bucking + barrel to reach insane range.

It's pretty much the one and only gas BASR that gets enough consistency without requiring an external CO2/HPA, so that makes it a pleasure to use. Adjustable trigger, smooth bolt pull, realistic function, and consistent, easily adjustable power ticks all the boxes to me.
If I wasn't in a Russian reenactment team, this would be my main gun without a doubt.

Being a gas gun, you don't have to worry about volume ratios. Contrary to that, the longer the barrel, the higher the power... and the energy creep.

A couple of friends run these guns which I have upgraded for them with just an Autobot 75* bucking and Maple Leaf barrels (of the regular kind, this was before the Crazy Jet came out), and setting the guns with Map Pro and adjusting for 598fps measured with .20s (right bellow our local 600 limit) will reach out to an insane 120 meters consistently when using .45.. so that should give you an idea of the levels of creeping we are talking here. So keep an eye on that.

The spring version (which are actually m40a5) are mostly a quite decent VSR... so a totally valid option. Just don't expect the awesomeness of the gas version

NO idea about the other gun, can't help there
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First of all thank you for your replies.
I think i Will be buying the vfc m40a5 then as i want something diferent.
Only thing i dont really like is the 14 raound only... i ve seen asg 28 rounds mags somewhere... but just want to know if there is any options available.
Another thing is the inner barrel... do you recomend a crazy jet over the normal maple leaf?
Thank you
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