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Wandall said:
Ok, that was very usefull post. And I do have a brain. xD So I... Gee... I really said non-stop. =D Let's say I rather fired it frequently rather tha nnon stop. It still works perfectly so I think there's no harm done...

I am a one battery for whole day/scenario - type guy. =P

Plus winter is comming, season when batteries loose strength already due to cold weather...
An MP7 isn't going to do you much good in the winter. The bucking will freeze, and due to the relatively low power of the gun, the BBs are going to make it about 4-5 meters maximum (speaking for experience on this one.) Also, like Malice said, you can expect roughly 1.5-2 BBs per every mAh the battery has, depending on upgrades, weather, and various other factors.
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