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I recently got my hands on a free Tokyo Marui VSR 10 from a friend who bought it and never took it out of the box. I already have the G700 from ASGI and it's meh. I plan on upgrading the TM VSR to use as my primary rifle, and I was wondering if transferring some of the G700 parts to the TM would be a good idea. The G700 is a Socom Gear R700 (VSR clone) and has some ASGI custom parts (M170 spring, ASGI sear set, ASGI piston, ASGI spring guide, ASGI 6.01 barrel). The G700 mechanically has been fine and nothing has broken on me in my four years of using it. I'm assuming if those parts fit in a VSR clone, it would fit in the TM VSR? Assuming it's a good idea to reuse those parts, I think I'd put them all into the TM except for the barrel. I want to try a 6.03 barrel instead of the 6.01.
The G700 does not come with an aftermarket hop up nor is it R Hop, so I think that'd be first on my list of things to do with the TM. What do you guys think about this? Should I scrap the GI parts and go with AA, Laylax, PDI, etc.?
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