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TM VSR 10 Disassembly/Assembly Guide

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Here is part one to disassembling your VSR 10, see part two for hop up (see below).

I know Jack Buendgen wanted a vid up on how to take down the hop up unit, and made a vid on how to take down your VSR 10 and get to all the bits and pieces including the shim mods that I added for increased performance. Hope you like the vids.

Part three for assembly will be added soon.
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Questions about the hopup:

Firefly soft goes for 550 fps?

Anyone know a place to buy Danger Werx CNC Aluminum VSR 10 / BAR 10 High Engagement Hop Up Lever ( Type-A ) for europe?
nope.. they only send to US, Canada and puerto rico..

and the bucket is out of stock -.-''''''''
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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