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TM VSR 10 Disassembly/Assembly Guide

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Here is part one to disassembling your VSR 10, see part two for hop up (see below).

I know Jack Buendgen wanted a vid up on how to take down the hop up unit, and made a vid on how to take down your VSR 10 and get to all the bits and pieces including the shim mods that I added for increased performance. Hope you like the vids.

Part three for assembly will be added soon.
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I think they said that because a lot of greases contain petroleum. White lithium has been long regaurded as the go-to grease on this forum because it works on o-rings and metal to metal parts, and if you get the right stuff doesn't contain petroleum. I use it and it gets me a 100% perfect air seal in my cylinder where silicone gets me a little less than perfect.
Sorry to hijack your thread a little fuzz. What I do Air is I take a long allen wrench (hex key) and put the shorter end in the hole. I then use the other end like a lever against the nozzle to turn it open and tighten it when closing. Before I used this method I also used pliers and I shredded the outside of the nozzle a little bit. I just sanded it back down to a dull shine and it doesn't affect performance at all.
I have white lithium with some petroleum oil in it because the amazon page I got it from didn't say anything about petroleum. Anyway, I did a little less than extensive 1 month test with it on an o-ring and an old stock bar10 bucking. No breakdown either. I don't know it it is just so well contained in the white lithium or if my o-rings and buckings are just industrial strength or something, but I still use it without a problem after a 2-3 months.

As for the allen wrench being too small, as long as it fits in the hole and you can use it as a lever, it doesn't matter how small it is. Didn't your gun come with a good sized allen wrench for your rail screws or scope ring screws (if it came with the scope)
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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