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TM VSR 10 Disassembly/Assembly Guide

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Here is part one to disassembling your VSR 10, see part two for hop up (see below).

I know Jack Buendgen wanted a vid up on how to take down the hop up unit, and made a vid on how to take down your VSR 10 and get to all the bits and pieces including the shim mods that I added for increased performance. Hope you like the vids.

Part three for assembly will be added soon.
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IMO, the detailed - the better. People can always skip the unwanted parts themselves.

Got a game in 5hours =)

In your video you're using white lithium grease, would work as a substitute? I've been recommended to use that over grease on a VSR, exact words being "Don't grease anything on a VSR, use a few drops of gun oil or a squirt of silicone".
Thankyou, and god damn it. The cylinder head I have has only one hole in it, my plyers are too fat to even fit one end inside the hole and if you do it the old fashion way(grip that rod type of thing on cylinder head, it won't budge), kind of afraid to apply more force incase it gets damaged somehow. =(
Yes, sorry for the hijack mate.

Don't have the right size allen key, one's a little bigger, one's a little smaller. Herp derp.
Perhaps Sticky it to go along as a video counter-part to WorstInFinlanD's post?
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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