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TM VSR 10 Disassembly/Assembly Guide

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Here is part one to disassembling your VSR 10, see part two for hop up (see below).

I know Jack Buendgen wanted a vid up on how to take down the hop up unit, and made a vid on how to take down your VSR 10 and get to all the bits and pieces including the shim mods that I added for increased performance. Hope you like the vids.

Part three for assembly will be added soon.
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Thanks for the comments fellas. I would add so much more but I try to keep the vids under a certain length.
No problem at all fellas. It's all useful info ;)

And in regards to the white grease, a lot of people are still hesitant to even use the stuff. I would consider it still new to the application of BASR's simply because I still have seen threads with people stating white grease wears down o-rings, yet I did an extensive 6 month test where the o-ring was covered in grease, and no break down occurred. It is safe to use, and has been my grease for over 4-5 years now.
I'll sticky it in a bit. Need to get the assembly video up yet.

This is part three of a three part video section on the TM VSR 10 and its clones that accept and are designed with PSS10 parts. Sorry for getting this up late, meant to upload this last week in correlation with the disassembly portions.

See the first two videos for disassembly of the rifle. In this video, you will see the reassembly of everything including the semi complicated portion relating to the hop up (if this is one of your first times dealing with such).
Hybel, the only place I know that sells the danger arm as of now is airsoftgi. Can you not order from there? I know you are in Europe, but the arm is worth it.

And I use soft buckings in all my rifles shooting under and up to 500 fps.
1 - 6 of 21 Posts
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