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I have some first hand knowledge of the varying differences in both the Laylax & PDI upgrade cylinder & piston parts currently produced for the TM VSR-10 rifle platform, & there is a definitive reason that PDI states on their cylinder products "for use with other PDI components".

Both the Laylax PSS10 Teflon Cylinder & the PDI Standard VSR-10 cylinders are the same outer diameter as the stock TM cylinder bolt. However; the PDI cylinder incorporates a thicker walled tubing which in turn makes inner-changing of brands with these cylinders & pistons simply a bad idea.

The PDI standard cylinder kits including the recently released PDI Raven cylinder are actually 1.5mm smaller in I.D. dimension than the Laylax PSS10 Teflon cylinder.
As a result in order to use the Laylax PSS10 pistons in a PDI VSR cylinder one must turn down the 2 derlin piston glides shaving off at least 1.5mm O.D. thus reducing the outer diameter of the piston glides, otherwise the Laylax pistons will not fit down into a PDI VSR cylinder. I've found during my own trial & error that this combination will be resultantly harder in bolt pull & return slide than any other aftermarket cylinder & piston combination.

The flip side to this is that when installing a PDI VSR piston into a Laylax PSS10 cylinder, that the piston will drop in without any modification, but will now have some excessive loose tolerance inside the Laylax cylinder & neither part will perform to it's potential as intended by either manufacturer's design & will resultantly lead to premature wear & possible damage of both the piston & cylinder.

The PDI VSR-10 bore-up piston & cylinder are a couple of millimeters larger in diameter than the Laylax VSR parts, and although one could have larger piston glides made for the Laylax PSS10 piston to work with a PDI Bore-up cylinder kit, each brands respective upgrade parts will perform at their highest potential only when used as an entire build assembly while sticking solely to either respective brands parts.

I've also found that the Polar Star VSR-10 45* Rockwell hardened Steel Sear set works best with the Polar Star VSR piston. The Polar Star sears don't play very nice with other brand pistons & will prematurely wear out the 45* PDI & Laylax pistons in a mere couple of months while under normal use.


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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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