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Hello LOOOONNGGGGG TIME no post on here. First off I glad I rediscovered these forums, and was very thankful for the help you guys gave me when I upgraded my TM VSR G-Spec many years ago.

Anyway I still have my beloved TM VSR G-Spec and I decided to begin converting it to a Russian SV-98 as over the years I have began doing Russian kits for various milsim games. Here are some pictures of the real steel SV-98 to give you guys an idea of what I am attempting:

Now I did some reasearch and found a few plans I was looking at doing which used TM VSR rifles as a base:

Now I already extended my outer barrel with a PDI Light Outer Barrel, and I had installed a longer inner barrel. But I need to know what type of barrel cap I need to use to still be able to attached my G-Spec sliencer to my PDI Light Outer Barrel. I also found the barrel spacers I ordered were the incorrect type for my PDI Light Barrel and would like recommendations on that as well.

Also if anyone is really good with wood working, and stock building PLEASE contact me as I am preparing to attempt making the stock myself but afaird I don't have the skills to do a proper looking stock. Also if anyone have any suggestions or input for this project please feel free to post them.

Just as a reference point this is the original rifle I am going to start converting:


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To make the stock you can use three pieces of pine or something like that.

Get the full size outline of the stock on three places.
Cut them all out.
Figure out where the stock is going to sit.
Make that out on one of the blanks.
On the same blank mark out where you rifle will sit.
Combine the both of them, to get the best possible inners.
Cut out the marks that you just made.
Glue them all three together...
After the glue is dry, get out your dremmel and tools and start to shape the stock.

Make sure that you cut the stocks a little bit over sized, so you have some room to shape and form the stock.

Find some fabric dye, and paint it on your stock like you would a stain. May take a few trys, but you will eventually get the right shade of green.
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