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tm vsr10 precision chamber question

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I cannot find a straight answer online so I am going to ask here. Is the only difference between the tm vsr10 precision chamber and the stock tm vsr10 chamber the tolerances? I see tm as having good tolerances as is so is the tm precision chamber worth it?
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IMO it would only be worth it if you had a JG BAR-10, but some elitists put it into their TM's due to the tighter "tolerances." I'm not sure if it would be worth it if you already have a TM.
Thanks alot, thats exactly what I was thinking. I also thought that it was just a tm chamber with the word precision for marketing reasons.
The precision chamber is much better in my eyes than the stock chamber.

Especially with the bucking that comes with it, as well as the bucking seal.
Don't you need an AEG barrel for the Precision Chamber or am I just an idiot?
Nope, its the same VSR-10 hop up cut. With the PDI hop up, you do need a AEG barrel, which is seen by a plus for some, but with the 430mm Laylax barrel for VSR-10 cut, what more do you need? :)
Sorry I was thinking of the Laylax chamber, you need an AEG barrel for that too. But the TM one, no.
Oh yeah, I guess the laylax one too... but I've heard bad things about that hop-up. I'd either go with PDI or TM precision (if you can't get your stock one working right).
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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