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To Maintain Your Bucking

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Alright guys, this is how to maintain your hopup bucking for ever and ever and ever.

NOTE: This involves some things that are very potentially dangerous to your bucking, and it may dissolve. I am not liable for anything that happens while you do this, including, but not limited to, dissolving your bucking/orings, and stripping paint off your gun, stuff like that.

There are 5 steps.

Step 1: Procure your bucking. Check to see if it is hard or soft type, that will make a difference later on.

Step 2: Get some kerosene. BE CAREFUL! This stuff is a paint stripper, and will dissolve orings, and buckings. You will be soaking your bucking in it until just before it falls apart. You will need to do some experimentation, but with mine, I soak it for about 1.314 hours. A harder bucking can stay in longer, a softer one will disintegrate faster. Here, less is better, do it for less time than you think it can take, until you have figured out exactly how much time it can take, have it memorized, and accidentally spout that number every time you wake up in the middle of the night.

Step 3: Spray your bucking with silicone oil, or rub it with grease. The loosened bucking will take in the oil/grease, and it will help to maintain it. Let it sit for about 20 min.

Step 4: Cold rinse your bucking, no soap. This will bring the bucking back together, and contain the silicone inside the actual bucking. Remember, it is still almost disintegrated from the kerosene, so be careful with it.

Step 5: Let it sit in warm, soapy water overnight, and the next day, pull it out, and do two final handwashings, one in cold water, the last in lukewarm water. This will make sure all excess grease is off the bucking.

You now have a maintained bucking! This will, with proper greasing (the outside of the bucking, and a TINY amount,) maintain your bucking for a very long time. Mine has been going for over a year now, with maintenance every week - and it's a Firefly soft... ;)
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isnt it funny how sometimes the best way to make things work is to strategically break them a little bit? lol
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