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Tokyo Marui AWS L96 (BB weight)

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Tokyo Marui AWS L96

The part list I bought is: 6.01 Precision Barrel, Cylinder, Cylinder Screw, Cylinder Head, 7mm Spring Guide, 500 FPS Spring, High Pressure Piston, Trigger Sear, Piston Sear, Spring Guide Stopper, and Maple Leaf 60 degree Rubber.

Note: I having my local airsoft store upgrading my gun and sighting/zero-ing it in for me.

Because I have a 500 FPS spring with .20s, what's the recommended bb weight and brand I should use?

I am thinking .32 and haven't shot with those as I only have .25. Although from all the forums I'm seeing, I see .36 being used a lot. Please indicate the pros and cons of using a .32 BB (best brand you can think of when listing pros and cons) and with my gun should I be pushing higher?
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Elite force .32 are pretty good since they are cheap but aren't the absolute best, and I have heard great things about the BLS bbs but they are kinda expensive. but for a 500 fps gun you will definitely want .36-.4g bbs. I believe if you use a .32 you will lose quite a bit of accuracy but the bb will be traveling fast. Hope this helps.
With a 6.01 barrel you'll need to use the best BBS you can find, and make sure you keep the barrel really clean.
If you're using the stock length barrel you'll be short of cylinder volume to push really heavy BBs, but something like Geoffs 0.36g should give good results. Make sure your ammo is clean as you load it, and keep the mags clean while you're skirmishing.
There's no substitute for trying a few different brands and weights to see what gives the best results.
Why dont you look on youtube for the best weight i believe bodgeups uses Geoffs .40 or even heavier

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Considering that you want to use a 6.01 inner barrel you should seek for high quality BBs. Moreover , as you use a 500 fps spring , you should aim for .36 / .4 / even .43 grams , deppending on how capable is your bucking of hopping this weight.
Avoid no-name brands and stick to more reputable brands : Madbull / Geoffs ( kinda overpriced , if you ask me ) / ShootOne / G&G. Always clean your inner barrel , to keep it clean and dry for the proper accuracy.
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