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Tokyo Marui AWS L96

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I just recently bought my first sniper rifle and new to upgrading. The part list I bought is: 6.01 Precision Barrel, Cylinder, Cylinder Screw, Cylinder Head, 7mm Spring Guide, 550 FPS Spring, High Pressure Piston, Trigger Sear, Piston Sear, Spring Guide Stopper.

Note: I want to buy supplemental springs but don't know the best quality and performance springs that can achieve 400 FPS, 450 FPS, and 500 FPS and fit with my tuning kit without replacing these parts. If you can provide links, not sure if allowed, but if you can please guide me to the right path on the products that will be helpful. I personally want three springs that achieve this FPS due to chrono test and different facilities rules without going over or make it to low.

For more detailed description on each one you may go to novritsch website and check the tuning kit for the Tokyo Marui AWS L96. This may better assist you in helping me. (Please do not bash in this product and only give me advice in upgrading what I already have)

I have several questions:

1) I want to upgrade my Hop Up to withstand .40 BB, how can I do this and what do I need?

From a recent question to novritsch this was their reply:
Hello, The R-hop mod is only needed if you want to use very heavy BBs like 0,46g and heavier. Otherwise you don't need this mod. Just go with the normal hopup, accuracy is the same so you'll be fine.

2) I guess question 2 is part of question one, but from what I see people use in their TM VSR 10 the following identical parts: Action Army VSR 10 Hop Up Chamber, Nineball hop up bucking, and R hop + m nub. My question is, can I use this as well for my TM AWS L96 without a problem(extra parts, fitting, functionality, etc.)? Please be in mind of my tuning kit before answering

3) What do you guys recommend I should upgrade after seeing all the parts that will be included in the gun?

4) Because I am asking for help and clearly do not know if sharing links is possible, but can you can direct me with key words to put in google to search a specific product name which essentially be like giving me the link? I spent hours of search and you guys probably know exactly what I need and find it in two seconds haha. I'm new so bare with me.

5) As stated earlier, I'm looking for three springs that can achieve these FPS with my upgrades without going over the limit: 400, 450, and 500. Where and what spring only product can I find that is compatible with my tuning kit?

Any other questions from you guys I'll be happy to hear. Please advise to only answer the question without any negativity and if links are to be provided please post in stock items only. Live in the USA.

Thank you.
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The L96 AWS is not compatible with VSR parts so there are no aftermarket chambers available. You can of course R-hop it (you can R-hop anything) but in a VSR style hopup a maple leaf is just as good.

Lonex is nowhere near the same quality as it is just a normal bucking whereas the maple leaf is concave.

The L96 AWS is a bad choice because of the cumbersome mechanism and the incompatibility with aftermarket parts, such as hopup chambers. It jams more often than other mechanisms and it's a lot more work to work on. The novritsch/edgi kit sticks to a 45 degree trigger, doesn't upgrade the loading fin and while the cylinder is strong, it is overkill.

A set of PDI or Airsoftpro parts would've been a better choice :yup:
I definitely recommend .30+ bb's, at least. .25 will not work properly. As for hardness, 60 degrees is the best option, any harder and you're losing consistency, if you go much softer it'll wear in no time. 60 is a good middle ground :tup:
You can simply tune the gun to shoot sub-500 with .2 and then use .36 or something. Sure, the .36 may drop as low as 350 fps but the maple leaf can lift that and it will still be at a safe energy level.

Of course the parts can handle heavy bb's. The weight of the bb's you can use solely depends on your hopup and the muzzle energy. And with a 60 degree maple leaf, you can generally speaking lift anything with 500 fps :tup:
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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