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Tokyo Marui L96 AWS

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anybody here knows about this new product of Tokyo Marui? looks promising and insanely beautiful!
wonder though if its gas or spring. anyway, here are some pics I have collected online. Pics were taken at the Tokyo Marui stand at the Shizuoka Hobby Show.

Tokyo Marui L96 AWS

A glimpse of the internals (you would notice that the searbox is identical to the VSR searbox)

the magazine (hard to tell if it is gas or spring :-\)

the hopup (seems to be located below the stock, in front of the mag well ???)

accessories (unconfirmed if this will be included on the package)
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I have been trying to find out as much of this as I can. From what I have dug up and "deciphered" it looks like it is going to be a spring rifle. Thinking this just because there aren't any gas tokyo mauri rifles..... That I can think of at this time......

That and looking at the pics... the long brass looking tube looks like a piston cylinder. But either way I hope she comes out soon ...
It's not hard to tell if it's a gas or a spring rifle. There is no entry what so ever for any type of gas in those mags (only one whole in the bottom). There surely wouldn't be that many parts if it would be a simple gas gun. And yea, TM hasn't done any gas rifles yet.
I just confirmed that myself. it will be in Spring platform with a different loading principle incorporated thus making it possible to have the mag placed on the right position (same as its real steel counterpart). It will have a loading tube from the mag to the hop unit just like in AEGs. the only difference is that it wont fall off when you detach the mag. or so they say... ;)
Sounds like, as I mentioned, more realism and more headaches. I'll take the faux slap-on mag mod, myself

If someone releases a decent line of aftermarket parts for it I might be sorely tempted to try it out, though ;)
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As most of you are probably aware, been there, done that, for about 2 years now.....

But I have now converted it back to a thumb over stock by re fitting it back into my CA M24 stock, as I found that I was loosing time between shots because you need to completely remove your hand to activate the bolt/spend longer getting back into the correct hand position/posting thumb bach through the hole, to pull the trigger on an AI stock, whereas on a thumb over stock it is much easier to regain composure before taking the next shot as your thumb is already near enough in the correct position, provided you are following good airsoft cycling practices, to re-establish a good grip..... One thing I will add is it is more comfortable if you are on a long op and have to remain in the same position for a long time, but due to the nature of game play over here (fast and in your face), camping very often isn't an option, or you get left behind. Just some practical experience from someone who knows/used an AI stock ;)

Still, its nice/different to look at
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