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I bought a brand new TM MK23 and they're great! Mine shoots .30g BB's around 45-50m straight as a laser. I've installed a PDI 6.01mm tight bore barrel.

I tried the Nineball and Reaps A+ VSR hop rubbers, but they performed poorer than the standard TM rubber and only added 5 FPS.

I'd recommend the PDI TBB and maybe a new TM hop rubber. Also, have a look at the small metal hop arm (bit that pushes down on the hop rubber) as it may be slightly bent. Gentle pressure may help.

I run mine on Abbey Predator Ultra, which provides the same FPS as Green Gas.

I get 325 FPS with the standard hop rubber and PDI TBB, basically an extra 10 FPS.

I use a Strike Systems belt holster for the gun and have 5 spare mags for running it as a primary.
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