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Tokyo Marui Mk23 Trigger Sticking

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My mate has a TM Mk23 Socom, which is pretty good apart from a sticky trigger.

It's fine if you fire just one shot, because then you tend to do it slower, releasing your finger from the trigger slower.
But if you want to take multiple shots, when you release your finger from the trigger, it sticks down.
I've taken it apart and sprayed with silicone, which made no difference at all.

Has anyone else had this problem, or does anyone know of a solution?

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sounds like you caould use a new trigger spring, i have no idea what the inside of the MK23 looks like though so i can not be sure
That's what I thought, but I read that it's something to do with the magazines..
I had the same problem with my MK23. The way I solved it was by sanding the two ridges on the front of the magazine where it locks into the magwell down slightly. This allowed it drop down in the magwell to the correct position, can shoot as quickly and as many times as I like without problems now.
Thanks, I'll try that next time I get chance.

Will post back results soon.
That's what I thought, but I read that it's something to do with the magazines..
Well that's an easy test since its a double action trigger you can take the mag out and pull the trigger.

If that doesn't work try pulling the hammer back and trying again. Now do the same with a mag in with no bb and no gas.

Then with gas.

Then with bb's and gas.


Oh and DON'T sand anything until you see if it works without the magazine in!


If it works without the mag its possibly what you read about online, if it doesn't its possibly the trigger spring.
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