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Tokyo Marui PSG-1, The best you'll ever find.

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Hi all, been a long time lurker on these boards, active elsewhere. I'm quiting airsoft and it's time to rid my prized gun. You need to know that this gun has been my work horse and I sunk alot of time, work and money into it. I babied this thing and tuned it to perfection so you know this is a good deal for the buy. Up for sale is a TM PSG-1. Many PSG-1's have been on sale from time to time before but this is the grand daddy of them all. I have all the rarities that go with it to make it a super sniping monster. You can see the parts listed below. The outer looks don't differenciate it, it's what's inside.

This gun shoots at 530 FPS on dot with +/- 1 Variancies, I reach accurate kill shots at 350 ft max, she uses 40's best. This gun is running a electronic controller made by AWS Airsoft and it is amazing. Without it, the gun over revs on shots and sometimes double fires. I have the original box that came with it. The blowback has been disabled but the parts are included to re-enable it. The bolt spring is missing but it is an easy part to find. It comes with the original 15 round short magazine and a 70 round standard magazine. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPOINTED WITH THIS GUN!! I can guarentee you that it is built to last for the next 30 years and then some. Sturdy, sturdy like a rock. Lot of people will tell you that the gun front wobbles/flexs and the scope wobbles too. Not this PSG, guarentee.

I sunk alot of money into this, I'm asking $850 shipped. You need to consider everything it comes with and has been done. You can reach me with my contact info below or on these boards.


Firstly to let you know right off the bat, this PSG has all the rare parts as followed.

G&G Metal Body
PDI Chamber Block, Fitted
TGS Anti-reversal Latch
POLY Steel Tappet Plate

I have done some modification to the PSG that positivly affect it.

I modified the sector gear tappet cam, in such a way that it does not cut into the cut off lever and the tappet plate. This is a necessary mod that prevents the PSG from ever failing. Not many know about doing this.

I modified the stock to prevent the back butt from swiveling side to side and securing the workings.

I put in my own wire job and I made sure I did a damn good job.

The internal parts list is as followed:

First Factory Barrel Spacers (originally made for the APS-2 but fits the PSG)
Prometheus Stainless 6.03mm Tightbore Barrel 650mm long
TGS Hard hop-up Rubber
Big-out H-nub
Systema Air Nozzle (Replaced o ring for best seal, no leaks)
POLY Steel Tappet Plate
Systema Bore-up Cylinder Head
Systema Bore-up Cylinder
Systema Bore-up Silent Piston Head
G&P PSG Piston
Systema 300% Spring
Systema Bearing Spring Guide
Systema Infinity Torque-up Gear set (Modified)
Systema 6mm Bushings
Modify Shims (Shimmed to perfection)
Guarder Selector Plate
TGS Anti-reversal Latch
King Arms Infinity Torque-up Motor (Medium)
AWS Airsoft Sentry Controller
Tenergy 7.4V, 20c, 2,200Mah Li-Po Battery


G&G Metal Body
PDI Chamber Block
Tokyo Marui PSG-1 Bipod
King Arms Front Sling Swivel
Tokyo Marui 70 Round Standard Magazine
G&G Cocking Lever
King Arms Pin Set


[email protected]

Thank you for looking.
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