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Tokyo Marui PSG-1

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I was just looking to see if anyone had any REAL experience with one, because I've got a trade set up on another forum to get one and I wanted to see if anyone had ever gotten and REAL experience with it.

I'm looking for more than a "My friend has one and it sucks" which is what I get from anyone else I ask on the other forums, so I bring this question to my sniping brethren.

If no one has ever used one extensively, I'll have to write a review once I get mine.

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I owned one for awhile, and it is definetly a love/hate type of deal. It's pretty to look at, but is a nightmare to get shooting serious. It can be done, but is going to cost you a penny.
Mine was bone stock, I was't going to spend the money to upgrade it. The stock scope is pretty nice, but it performs like any other AEG. Build quality is still plastic, and in such a large weapon you can tell. Good news is G&G made some lightweight metal bodies for it, and some RIS systems are out there. I say go for it if you are willing to put some cash into it, not many people run around with them anymore.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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