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Tokyo Marui PSG-1

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I was just looking to see if anyone had any REAL experience with one, because I've got a trade set up on another forum to get one and I wanted to see if anyone had ever gotten and REAL experience with it.

I'm looking for more than a "My friend has one and it sucks" which is what I get from anyone else I ask on the other forums, so I bring this question to my sniping brethren.

If no one has ever used one extensively, I'll have to write a review once I get mine.

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i had one for a while and i loved it. but like that one person said before, it was a love hate relationship. the gun, (stock) kinda sucks in my opinion, i do like how there isnt that slight lag that most AEGs have but you still have to push a little button of the gun, next to the trigger to release the spring so it doesnt get all bunched up and loose its affectiveness when you store the gun. like the same guy also said, you will be looking at spending a lot more than you want with the rifle. it shoots stock at ~320 and its accuracy is very finiky with a standard inner barrel. like sometimes i would be able to make quarter size groupings at 25 feet (i know its not that far but its a good distance for zeroing, then add 4 inches to the hight of the crosshairs) but othertimes, it would be more like a soft-ball size groupings at the same distance. idk, maybe it was me but i got a tightbore and that fixed the accuracy problem. the other problem i hade with it was the hop-up. it always had to be adjusted cause the little adjuster thing kept on getting loose, so i just melted it together which worked perfectly... till i needed to replace the bucking. at that point i just got fed up with the rifle cause it was more trouble than it was worth so i ended up giving it to my spotter for her birthday/christmas gift for the next three years. and she seems happy with the thing. so i guess if you have a good 300+ that your willing to spend on springs, gears, reinforced parts, tightbore, and other stuff like that, and also some free time, you may love it. i almost forgot to mention the scope! ok, so the scope that comes with it is a Tasco i think so its decent quality, but no Leupold... its got the standard duplux rectical and is adjustable. but i think you may be better off just getting rid of the scope and purchaceing yourself a scope with a better field of view. hope this helps.
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