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I have this finished and operating! I used it at an op, here is my video gameplay;

I have some fine tuning to do, I want to get an EdGi barrel and try a different bucking or r hop. It currently has the stock chamber but I'm working on a modified p90 chamber! Here's the build list and more pics!

Baseline comparison

Cybergun Thompson
Wolverine Hydra
AA inner barrel 370mm
Prommy blue bucking
Maple Leaf Omega nub
FDE handguard
PSG style hand grip
Delrin rear barrel spacer, nylon front
Trinity force MilSpec buffer tube
LUTH MBA-4 FDE stock
LUTH cheek riser
Magpul vertical grip
Monstrum 1-6x24 scope
Magpul bipod

Modified P90 chamber

TDC hop adjustment

I tried out a few grips, optics and what not until I got it setup how I liked it.

Finish product, different looks.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts