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All this stuff in genuine. Some is brand new, some is used, some is abused.

Here are a few things, if you're interested, I'll post pictures of the specific item, but posting pics for all would be a gross misuse of bandwidth.

All prices include shipping.

  • Gentex Lightweight [u:[/*:m:wr3wg2tf]<UID>]Helmet[/u:wr3wg2tf] (as issued by USMC)-Medium -$100 SOLD on
    Has woodland digicover (which is reversible to desert digi) and was in the Battle of Fallujah (most of the beat up stuff was)
  • Alta Industries Tactical [u:[/*:m:wr3wg2tf]<UID>]Elbow Pads[/u:wr3wg2tf] - Black - $10
    These are brand new, never worn. Turns out, I hate knee/elbow pads that strap on.
  • USGI OD Green Flap [u:[/*:m:wr3wg2tf]<UID>]Holster[/u:wr3wg2tf] - Large Frame Pistols - $10
    Brand new. Includes bore clearing rod.
  • 2 Quart [u:[/*:m:wr3wg2tf]<UID>]Canteen Pouch[/u:wr3wg2tf] - $20 - $10
    I have multiples of these in various states, from brand new to beat up. About the size of a SAW pouch. Can be zip tied to molle.
  • OD Green [u:[/*:m:wr3wg2tf]<UID>]Jumpsuit[/u:wr3wg2tf] - Sz 42L - $20
    Brand new. Originally was going to build a ghillie out of it, but didn't.
  • Russian RPK [u:[/*:m:wr3wg2tf]<UID>]magazine pouch[/u:wr3wg2tf] - $10 SOLD on
    Old school, one of several "unique" pieces of Fallujah and Haditha insurgent gear they no longer needed. This one doesn't have blood on it...
  • Micellaneous [u:[/*:m:wr3wg2tf]<UID>]Mag pouch[/u:wr3wg2tf] - $Free with the first one who buys something else...
    Doesn't fit M16's, it's generic looking, uses ALICE, I don't even know where it came from. Maybe vietnam style 20 rounders?
  • USGI Duty [u:[/*:m:wr3wg2tf]<UID>]Belt[/u:wr3wg2tf] - $10
    New, has the side release buckles. OD Green. Adjustable size.
  • 12 Shell [u:[/*:m:wr3wg2tf]<UID>]Shotgun Pouch[/u:wr3wg2tf] - $20
    Brand new. OD green. Blackhawk. Molle.
  • SAW [u:[/*:m:wr3wg2tf]<UID>]Drum Pouch[/u:wr3wg2tf] - $10
    Good misc. pouch. Has velcro, snap, belt slots, ALICE clips. Serviceable but worn.
  • AN/PVS-7B NVG [u:[/*:m:wr3wg2tf]<UID>]goggles pouch[/u:wr3wg2tf] - $10
    Great for a dump pouch, closes with a zipper. Attaches with ALICE, belt, or fastex buckle. Has ties to tie to thigh. Dirty.
  • Woodland Camo [u:[/*:m:wr3wg2tf]<UID>]Butt pack[/u:wr3wg2tf] - $20
    Perfect for carrying all the stuff you probably won't need, but will need bad if you do. Looks like it WAS worn, but never fielded.
  • Gas [u:[/*:m:wr3wg2tf]<UID>]Mask Pouch[/u:wr3wg2tf] - $10 SOLD (to an idiot who thinks owning body armor is a federal crime...)
    OD green. Horizontal opening. Velco. Good dump pouch if you zip tie it so the lid's on top, instead of the side.
  • Flight [u:[/*:m:wr3wg2tf]<UID>]Gloves[/u:wr3wg2tf] - $15
    OD green. Never worn, still connected together.
  • Leather rappel/barb wire [u:[/*:m:wr3wg2tf]<UID>]duty gloves[/u:wr3wg2tf] - $20
    Black. Size 4. New.
  • [u:[/*:m:wr3wg2tf]<UID>]Body armor[/u:wr3wg2tf]. - $30
    Not the whole kit. I have two collars, one w/throat protector, and groin protector. Probably only useful for milsim replicas.
  • Various [u:[/*:m:wr3wg2tf]<UID>]camelbak bladders[/u:wr3wg2tf] - $20-$10
    Some are nice, some are not. They have been used. I have one carrier too.
  • 2 quart [u:[/*:m:wr3wg2tf]<UID>]canteen[/u:wr3wg2tf] - $10
    Collapseable. Some are new, some are fielded. Great for storing in your ruck.
  • Radio [u:[/*:m:wr3wg2tf]<UID>]ruck[/u:wr3wg2tf] - $50
    Smaller OD Blackhawk ruck. I used it to carry spotting equipment as a DM for CQB ops. In great shape, has been to Spain, Greece, Italy, Germany, and Liberia. Good day pack.
  • Tactical [u:[/*:m:wr3wg2tf]<UID>]Backpack[/u:wr3wg2tf] - $40
    It's black, and HUGE. My friend and I bought them in Germany. I didn't like it, so it's still new, but he loved it and used it throughout an Iraq deployment as a Scout/Sniper.
  • [u:[/*:m:wr3wg2tf]<UID>]Utility Pouch[/u:wr3wg2tf] - $10
    Upright, medium, OD green, has some tan krylon spots. ALICE.
  • [u:[/*:m:wr3wg2tf]<UID>]Optics Pouch[/u:wr3wg2tf] - $20
    Originally for an ACOG. Coyote Brown. Padded, also fits mags, molle.
  • [u:[/*:m:wr3wg2tf]<UID>]Balaclava[/u:wr3wg2tf] - $20
    For cold weather AND fire retardant. Retained heating properties even when soaked (water and/or sweat).
  • [u:[/*:m:wr3wg2tf]<UID>]Lanyard[/u:wr3wg2tf] - $20-$10
    Blackhawk and Tac-Ord. Black coiled pistol retention lanyards. Blackhawk goes on your belt, tac-ord attaches to a female fastex buckle. I sold one, the two good ones are still left.
  • [u:[/*:m:wr3wg2tf]<UID>]Surefire pouch[/u:wr3wg2tf] -$10
    OD green, ALICE. For a flashlight.
  • Various fastex [u:[/*:m:wr3wg2tf]<UID>]buckles and straps[/u:wr3wg2tf].
    Mostly black, some OD. Some new, some used. Most come from drop leg things. Sew/staple/glue these to your pouches and make the drop leg pouch YOU need.
  • [u:[/*:m:wr3wg2tf]<UID>]Atropine Injectors[/u:wr3wg2tf] - $10
    I have four, take all for $30. These are supposed to counter-act various effects of gas. They are expired and I wouldn't use them.
  • [u:[/*:m:wr3wg2tf]<UID>]Inert Mace[/u:wr3wg2tf] - $20
    Red dye fluid. Like Kool-aid, but it still stings when it get in your eyes. For training or milsim.
  • Insurgent AK [u:[/*:m:wr3wg2tf]<UID>]chest rig[/u:wr3wg2tf] - $20 SOLD on
    For those super realistic reenactments. Fits AK magazine and has Arabic written on it. Probably the deceased owners name.
  • Blackhawk Small [u:[/*:m:wr3wg2tf]<UID>]Alice Pack[/u:wr3wg2tf] - $50
    Quality to the core. This is desert tan, but is pretty abused. I don't even know how the black tar got all over it. Previous owner massed over 30 kills whilst carrying comm equipment on a Sniper Team.

There is probably more, if you're looking for something specific, ask me, I might not have found it to list yet.

And also the paintball gun....

There's a photo and whatnot. I'll drop it $250 shipped for you guys.

I dropped about $600 3 years ago to buy this and played one day with it. Then I discovered the world of airsoft whilst googling Accuracy Internationals...

And here I am with something to roll over into new toys!

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I dug out my flight suit. You still interested?

I also found my "ghillie" from Sniper/School. Keep in mind, it totally blows. I made it in 24 hours and never did much to it because I tied on tons and tons of vegetation when we did stalks. Basically, you have cammies with a boonie and canvas all down the front, and some crap tied onto the back.

$50 to the first "dibs".

Remember, you'll be disappointed in it when you get it if you expect USMC Sniper quality, because it's not. You're basically paying for a base.

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ishotu said:
They have a sniper school how well do you think it works and sorry im not intrested in the flight suit.
I have no idea whether I'm supposed to answer a question or respond in some way to this. I think I understand that you don't want the flight suit anymore.

Does it break up like this?
They have a sniper school? How well do you think [the ghillie suit] works? And sorry, I'm not interested in the flight suit [anymore].

To which I would reply...
Yes, there are such things as sniper schools. My ghillie suit (and any ghillie suit) will not work unless vegetation from the field you are in is added to it. Note that my ghillie has the netting coming loose. It needs to be reglued/sewn. However, the canvas front of the suit is top notch and is really what's being sold here.

I accept credit (cards) through Paypal. Or, if you'd like to offer a trade, let me know.

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The USMC uses flight suits as their ghillie bases. Some turn them inside out (So that pockets containing useful things are inside). But then they attach the netting in which they tie jute/burlap/raffia/hessian/natural foliage to.

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Actually, that's not necessarily true Mosin. The most accurate statement for the sniper school mentality on ghillie suits is "Don't get caught or your dead." You can make them however you please.

Truth be told, a flight suit as a ghillie base has it's merits, but for overall mission effectiveness, the three piece (trousers/pants/bottoms, blouse/shirt/top, and cover/boonie/hat) reigns supreme. This is because, outside of school stalking exercises, you rarely wear the entire ghillie suit. It's dead weight for the majority of the mission and is only used for a small portion of something you MIGHT end up doing.

If anyone cares to discuss this further, any question posed in the ghillie thread I'll do my best to answer.

For full clarification, ishotu asked about the flight suits that I have. These are regular suits, most of which are huge, but you know the military and their "one size fits all" mentality. I also have a jump suit (mechanics OD green coveralls) that would be ideal for a non-real-combat use ghillie suit.

I ALSO have my ghillie suit, which is three piece woodland marpat sized small regular with a boonie. The job I did on attaching the netting is shameful at best and I did plenty of push-ups for it. However, I had the coyote tan canvas professionally sewn down the front of the blouse and pants. Of all the suits present in my class, the canvas front was the best. (I STILL did a lot of push-ups for that too...)

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phridum said:
[quote author=ishotu board=selling thread=258 post=3502 time=1209080879]
I accept credit (cards) through Paypal. Or, if you'd like to offer a trade, let me know.
Unfortunately my family don't trust PayPal :(. But anyway I can't think of anything to trade If I think of anything I'll send you a message.

Just for gigs would you happen to want a 20Pc lock pick set?

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Its from Southord, some of it is hand made (bought some mini tension wrench's from a kid in Chicago got them for 3 for $2.25, and also got a few that I bought online from a guy from L.A that have comfy grips to them.) And well I was looking at the gas mask :( But now mabey the shotgun pouch? Not sure yet if that is necessarily what I need or Thinking about mabey putting it on my VSR and stick some real bullets in the pouch, If not I'll try and buy some airsoft shotgun shells online.

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These are the flight gloves. They are still brand new and attached together from the factory.

I never had a gas mask, only the pouch, which sold. The shotgun pouch would need some shoegoo or sewing modification to mount on a rifle. It's brand new and molle. It holds 12 (maybe 16?) 12-gauge rounds.
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