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New here, but I've been playing airsoft with my kids for a couple years. However, I injured my knee several months ago in a game (I did get the kill) and can't storm the kill-house anymore so I moved on to stationary kills .
Our arsenal includes and ICS M4 with Madbull launcher, a Frankenstien M4 the started life as a JG M4, a pair of SRC MP5s, a SRC G36C, a Umarex G36CV, Sig Sauer P226 and P229, KWA USP .45 and (now) a pair of Echo1 M28 rifles. Yes, I know the curse of the M28 slamfiring, and no parts for it, but I've found a solution - Bravo Airsoft BV3 BV7 Upgrade POWER UP KIT almost fits,t the piston is a bit short but the spring supplied takes up the slack. The only modification needed is to lightly sand the piston where it contacts the cylinder wall.
Now if I acn only figure out where the battery fits....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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