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Tough Decision: Reinforcment or Accuracy

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Well right now I am a happy owner of the CA M24. But, the main problem is that I have an older generation CA M24 Mili so, it's shooting a dreadful 300fps, though I am able to touch out to 90' accuratley so far as I haven't upped the hop up yet, though I beleive I could reach out to 110' or if I'm lucky 120' (again this is @ 300fps.) This leads me to my question and I'd like some opinions on this. So my question is this; Should I upgrade the cylinder by either; A) Buying the Palsonite Cylinder Kit B) Buying the Kotetsu Cylinder Set C) Machining my Own (may take a while) or either upgrading to a PDI M24 Hopup and a PDI 6.05mm barrel. I'm currently using Bioval .27s if that may sway opinions in anyway. Thanks for everything guys.
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I used the standard CA Steel Advanced Cylinder kit ($100) and I'm pushing 500fps w/ .25g BBs

But I actually use .40g in play. I reach out to 220'-250' accurately.
I've been looking at that but I can't find it anywhere instock. Also I heard there are some problems with the compatability with other aftermarket parts. Anyway another quick question are the maruzen L96 internal parts such as pistons compatable with the M24?
I would personally go for accuracy first.

If your rifle can shoot at 500 fps and you can't hit anything.... then whats the use?
Well that's exactly my dilemma. The gun is very accurate now, but can't shoot over 100'. As I don't know if I'll actually need to put the money onto the accuracy yet, but I'm still getting details for making my own cylinder...
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