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Hello guys! I have had my TM L96 for a month now. Currently it has PDI spring guide, PDI 140 sp Spring, PDI Piston, and PDI VSR-10 Second Sear (It works in TM L96 perfectly). Now the issue is when I rack the cylinder and re-rack it I have to pull the bolt back while it is in its firing position for the gun to shoot. It quite odd to me because you only need to pull it back 1/16 of a inch for it to be able to fire. Its almost like the trigger locks up until you pull the bolt back slightly. This is when the bolt is fully racked and is sitting in the down position.

Would you guys have any idea what this problem could be? BTW It was doing it 50% of the time without the PDI parts, now it is doing it 100% of the time with them installed :-/

Also before I waste space for a new thread, what would your guys' quick recommendation for my next upgrade part be?

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