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Trevor Comstock, Seattle, WA Age: 40
Turn-On's: Communications. Tactics, and Long Marches.
Turn-Off's: Back-ordered items, Velcro, and People who say "Repeat" on the radio.

USN(&R) for 16years with the last 7 in land warfare units IBU12 & 13.

The second gun I bought (Dec 2010) was a Classic Army M24 Civillian. I wanted an M40, but there just were not many to be had, at the time. It has never been fielded and has spend most of the time in pieces, failing to provide any accuracy to 200' which I feel is the benchmark range whereas one could expect to replicate many of the occupational skills of a sniper.

Within the last week, i have gotten some of the upgrades installed and have been pleased with the test shots into the tree in my neighbors yard. Perhaps this summer things will come together for this long term project. There is a weath of information on the board about the ill-reputed Classic Army and general sniper craft, and for that I am grateful.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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