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Trigger assembly rebuild

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Well here is one for you guys...

I have the sears for my M99, but can't remember how to put it back together!!

I had it apart to try and swap some sears, but didn't ever get it back together. Now when I have my steel sears in I am trying to get things back up and going. Well now I am having some problems.

I have my new sears in the trigger group, and yes they are APS-2 internals!! I am having problems with the two little springs that hold the piston sear in the upright position.

There is one on either side, and these are the problem as of right now.

So if anyone has an APS-2 rifle, or a clone, is there anyway you could get some pics of the trigger mech? I am in need of the pics so I can get the trigger mech back up and going. And so I can get my Barrett back shooting.

Thanks in advance guys.
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I have a aps-2 stock trigger box from a mazuran what would you like pictures of.
Sorry it took so long but I took a lot of pictures to help.

In half

Then I took one piece off with each photo.

Because the mazuran trigger doesn't have the hole's for the springs this is how I do it.

I put the first spring like so, then I add sear and second spring.

This is what it looks like out of the box

From there close it up, I suggest using the tape mod that I do, the holes are picky with the UTG boxes.

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Ya no problem woogie, if you need any other help just ask

ps 200th post
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metallicafatcat said:
Hey Hidden, could you post the disassembly in a different thread and see if we can get it stickied, it could be very useful.
I can do a new tread, but we would have to ask fuzzy to sticky it. Or we can sticky this seeing as it does have a good title for it already.
silentfury214 said:
We could, but we should probably repost it to include what trigger box.

P.S. Congrats on the 200th, I just passed my 1000th.
This is true, it would be better to have the trigger box type in the heading.

I will message fuzzy and ask him about it, we could start a tread on how to take different guns apart.

Bragging about how many post you got
But woogie has you beat.
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I messaged Fuzzy about it to get his input, also a side note how does woogie have more posts then the guy who created the forum.
Dutton said:
Hidden, go ahead and start a new thread in the appropriate section with the same pictures/info and one of us will sticky it for you.
Ok will do dutton.
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