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Trigger help

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Ok guys I really need to learn how to leave a rifle alone... :(

Well I was working with the rifle trying to fix the snag that the bolt is still having. So while I was looking I decided I would polish some parts and make them as friction free as possible.

Well I never use safety on my rifles, well any rifle for that matter, and decided i would take it off and just not worry about it. Well I took it off not looking inside to make sure there was nothing important in the way.

So now when I look at the trigger unit itself I am seeing a very small spring that looks to go to the rear of the trigger itself. It rests right above the set screw to adjust the trigger pull. It looks to bend down, where the safety catch bar is, and then goes toward the rear of the assembly. The end is curled up and then is just sitting there.

This is the spring I am wondering where it goes? It looks like it should attach to a post or something inside of the trigger mech.

So any detailed pics would be great. I just want to make sure that she gets back together correctly.

Thanks guys.
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woogie said:
Ok I think I got it figured out not to sure. The trigger does work but not sure if it is how it should be to be honest.

That and I have a person interested in buying some parts in my L96, so may sell them to fund another project.. May or may not, haven't decided yet. May make it my accuracy rifle instead of range.

That and I am looking at taking the Zero trigger that I have in the L96, and moving it over to the M24.
Gonna take quite a bit of work to get the L96 trigger to work in the M24. It's a big enough pain in the ass to get an APS trigger to work in an M24. I'll see what kind of pictures I can get you. I can tell you without even looking at my M24s that removing the safety should effect anything else in the trigger mech. I've got them removed in the 3 trigger mechs I've got between my 2 rifles. I can't tell you off hand where else that spring should attach, but the safety mech has nothing to do with that spring.

As a side note, I wouldn't trade my stock trigger for a zero trigger in my M24, that's how much I love the stock unit. Hopefully I can get you some pictures or at least some more information to get yours working correctly, because they're amazing when working. It would help to know which version M24 you have. I assume it's a V2 since the V1s didn't last long and the "advanced/V3s" are pretty new to the market.
I wasn't saying it wouldn't work, more that it'd be a pain in the ass. Like you said, you either need to remove the quick, detach feature, which in my opinion is the best function of zero triggers or you need to dremmel the trigger guard on the M24. I would highly recommend just dremmelling the trigger guard as opposed to removing the quick detach feature. I suppose it's not difficult, more just time consuming and a matter of trial and error before you get it 100% right.

Regardless, as I said I'll try and either get you pictures or at the very least a better description by the end of the week since I don't recall 100% off the top of my head how exactly the stock unit goes together.
Here's the best pictures/in focus I could get. If they're not clear enough to show where that spring goes, I'll give a description along with the pictures when I get a chance.

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