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Trigger help

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Ok guys I really need to learn how to leave a rifle alone... :(

Well I was working with the rifle trying to fix the snag that the bolt is still having. So while I was looking I decided I would polish some parts and make them as friction free as possible.

Well I never use safety on my rifles, well any rifle for that matter, and decided i would take it off and just not worry about it. Well I took it off not looking inside to make sure there was nothing important in the way.

So now when I look at the trigger unit itself I am seeing a very small spring that looks to go to the rear of the trigger itself. It rests right above the set screw to adjust the trigger pull. It looks to bend down, where the safety catch bar is, and then goes toward the rear of the assembly. The end is curled up and then is just sitting there.

This is the spring I am wondering where it goes? It looks like it should attach to a post or something inside of the trigger mech.

So any detailed pics would be great. I just want to make sure that she gets back together correctly.

Thanks guys.
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Ok I think I got it figured out not to sure. The trigger does work but not sure if it is how it should be to be honest.

That and I have a person interested in buying some parts in my L96, so may sell them to fund another project.. May or may not, haven't decided yet. May make it my accuracy rifle instead of range.

That and I am looking at taking the Zero trigger that I have in the L96, and moving it over to the M24.
I actually got my zero trigger from my L96 to work on the CA M24. All I had to do was just take one of the little mounting blocks, that holds the trigger to the rifle, off of the stock trigger and then took the front one off of the Zero trigger. Attached the mounting block from the stock trigger onto Zero trigger.

The only thing that doesn't quite work is the quick bolt release. I am looking at cutting this down so it will work with the stock trigger guard.

It works quite well to be honest.

I have a guy that wants to buy a few parts from my L96, so I am planning on running that at around 350 fps now, and focus more on the precision side of things with that. And make the M24 my long range weapon.

Trigger installed on M24

Cylinder pulled to the rear, cylinder holding the cylinder to the rear.

Trigger inside of the stock.

Another shot of the trigger inside the stock.

The front mounting block that had to be changed with the stock triggers mounting block. Just the one needed to be switched.

Rifle functions fine, and the zero is an improvement over the stock unit. And I am not having the hang up that I was once having.

Still not sure if I am going to keep it like that or not, but it does confirm that it will work.

The main reason why I am looking at doing this is because the stock trigger to me is kind of weird. The trigger blade is sliding back and forth on it pivot pin. And when that moves from side to side the main trigger bar moves and this catches on the main sear. So when that gets hung up the trigger doesn't reset.

But I will wait for the pics to make my decision. Though I do really like this now
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Yeah was going to wait and make sure that I can't get the stock trigger to my liking before I cut anything.

And I agree the quick take down is a great feature on the zero triggers. I would probably cut a spot in the trigger gurad first. Wouldnt' be to hard.
Yeah that is where I put the spring.

It was the spring that pushes the trigger back home. The small one there on the top of the bottom post.

Took her out to a game and got a dozen kills with her...... so very happy
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