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Trigger sets

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What are the up and down sides of triggers. Can they be fixed? Are some better a certain things than others? At what barrel length is bore-up worth it? Do they all have safeties, if not which ones do?

Laylax: zero trigger (all models)
I have heard that the sears cannot be replaced, is this true?
Is it adjustable?

PDI: v-trigger (all model)
Has anyone had any xp? how light (adjusted to light) is the trigger pull?

KA: light weight (for mk96 and APS2 only)
Anyone know the benifts, or xp? How durrable is it?

TGS 2: bearing trigger (mk96 only)
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I have a KA for my 96, the sears are all custom with a rolling bearing for a trigger release. Sear is very strong.
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